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CALICO Update #4

I returned home safe and sound yesterday and must say CALICO was very enlightening. Here are a few final thoughts, some of which seems particularly relevant to our current unit on distance learning:

  • The economic downturn is hitting university language programs hard. The German department at Cornell is closing down its Swedish and Dutch programs. State schools in Michigan and California are dropping programs in less commonly taught languages.
  • Hybrid or blended courses appear to be becoming a default solution for cuts in language department budgets. Unfortunately, appropriate pedagogy and training for instructors is not going to be able to keep up.
  • Some have suggested that classes taught via distance learning require a 500% greater time commitment from instructors than do face-to-face classes.
  • Next year's CALICO will be in Amherst, Massachusetts in June.


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Mar. 19th, 2009 09:28 pm (UTC)
Some of my obsevations
Hi, everyone

I attended some presentation in CALICO.

1. one of presentations used the provided in this web to deisgn activities in thier language class. It seems they have many templates, functions, tool that provides for language learning. so I think it's a good tool.


2. Some sections I went uses some tool we have learned in the CALL class to do research. Although it's not new tool, there are still many researcher using it to do research. One is the corpus study. Basically, it's like concordencing that we find out how many words are used, and # of words used in the writing. That researcher analyzed the corpus and do the comparions between corpus and academic writing. One of finding is that students use more spoken-like feature in the writing, but it does not mean it is not correct to use it. The implication is to remind teachers to teach different register in differet domains.

3. Blog, Kindle2, facebook are also used in language learning. However, I questioned about the presenter who use Kindle in language learning. After all, it is a pricy product and it can be related to the issue about digial devide, and access.

So my conclusion for using technolgoy and learning should be "AAA"

Mar. 19th, 2009 10:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Some of my obsevations
I like your "AAA" approach to using technology. Did you find that many of the presenters at CALICO were willing to discuss issues concerning the digital divide? I came across just a few presentations that touched on this - but this seems more than in previous years.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 10:50 pm (UTC)
I wonder how the economy will hit Spanish language. I think it is interesting to know that teaching via distance learning requires 500% more time. Technology is becoming more popular and I think the Universities probably will save money by having their instructors teaching from home (certain courses). I coudn't answer this.

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