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Online Assessment and Final Reflexions

Chapelle-Douglas (2006) talks about the importance of technology in language assessment and its future. It is explained that developing assessment is important because this will help students develop strategies for self-assessment. However, teachers need to be aware on how to evaluate an assessment to ensure proper validity and reliability. Teachers can develop their own assessments to reflect the materials that were taught in class. In my opinion, schools need to invest not only in technology, but also in training so that teachers can receive proper training to take advantage of the available technology. There are many factors to consider not only about the development of assessments but of the use of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in general. In this context, how do you think the cost of technology affects computer-assessment development? How do you think the cost of technology affects CALL in general? Do the school systems offer adequate training to teachers to fully take advantage of available technology for teaching and assessment? Finally, can you give your insight about CALL and its importance?

Lorenzo Manzano


Apr. 16th, 2009 07:47 pm (UTC)
online assessment and reflection
I think online assessments are very important to the future of education. As we grow more into digital and distance learning envirnments, we need to be well prepared for our future students. This makes reliability and validity of assessments very important for teachers who don't have the control of the physical classroom. I agree that proper training for instructors in the technological classroom is very important. With all the money that is spent on the equiptment, shouldn't it be used in the fullest ability. I think CALL is very important to the TESL degree plan. As we move futher into the digital world now and in the future, I think those who took this class will have an advantage in the digital world and in their teaching.


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